Gumby Doodle

Gumby Doodle
October 12th 2011

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What the camera sees is what matters! 
Forcing perspective on a land scape and building lots of trees was very important in the
 "Gift of the Little People", a story set in the New England forests.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sets From Freezerburnt Christmas

This was a Wreckless Abandon Studios Christmas special that aired on NBC.  I came in on this project about a fourth of the way through and was quickly put in charge of scenery.  I did lots of scene painting and dressing of the sets before the camera.  I love adding all the little details.  Most of the buildings were made from foam then painted with a stone texture while others were coated in clay.  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seattle Exhibit with Gumby

                   Arthur Clokey and Joe Clokey at the Art Mine Exhibit in Seattle, WA.
This exhibit was a great one to be a part of.  It was so fun and bright inside, we even set up a mini-studio area so visitors could feel like they were on the set. A great experience for everyone!

Gumby Through the Ages

Gumby has changed his hair style, or should I say clay style, over the years.  Gumby's eye color,  shape of his body and his shade of green changed a bit too, but never his innocent charm.  These are some some replicas I put together for the 50th Anniversary of Gumby with the help of my husband Alan McKay.

Sets from Astrobots

Here are some of the Astrobot sets I worked on for Gumby.  This was a fun set to build, we incorporated a lot of farm supplies and metal parts from a recycler friend. A lot of the set parts were animated as were most of the lights.  There were only two moments in the trailer where CG effects were used!

See more behind the scene photos using the "Gumby V/S the Astrobots" link I posted. 

Puppets in Clay

Gumby and his friends are more than just cookie cutter clay characters, there is quite a process in getting them ready for their close ups. For nearly five years now I have been sculpting Gumby and Friends for animation, style guides, museum exhibits and more. They are created from a block of clay, boiled down with a secret blend of colors and ingredients, then molded and sculpted to perfection!
                                             You are ready for a close up now Mr. Gumby!